Reward #

Reward helps your household do positive reinforcement.

Our household uses Reward to help our kids work on good behaviors. We create cards with goals we want our kids to achieve and tie the reward to something they want like screen time.

I added Reward to Homechart when my wife read about creating punch cards for positive reinforcement.

Cards #

Reward > Cards represent tasks that need to completed a certain number of times to receive a reward. They can also represent a limited number rewards that can be redeemed.

Senders and Recipients #

You will assign certain household members as Senders and Recipients:

  • Senders have access to edit, punch, and redeem the Card
  • Recipients can view the Card

In Progress and Redeemable #

Cards that are In Progress have not yet earned enough punches to become Redeemable. Once a card is Redeemable, the Sender can either Redeem/Delete the Card or Reset the Card to start the process over.

Always Redeemable #

Cards can be changed so the punches are actually redeemable charges. Think of it like a gift card, where you could give your kids 20 minutes of screen time, 5 times. Tap Always Redeemable to make a card work this way.