Notes #

Notes help you organize and manage your household knowledgebase and wiki.

Our household uses Notes as a way to remember things, like how to use the generator in case of a blackout or important phone numbers/contacts for babysitters.

I added Notes to Homechart as a way to centralize a bunch of Google Docs. I wanted a household wiki without having to spin up any of the various wiki solutions, and I wanted to be able to reference things without have to copy/paste links everywhere.

Pages #

You create Pages within Notes. Pages can live within other Pages, have Tags, and use Markdown for the Body of the page.

Versions #

Every time you edit a page, you create a new Version. These Versions are saved within Homechart, and you can view them or restore them in case you made a mistake. Tap the date at the bottom to view old Versions.

Integrations #

Notes integrates with everything, as most users use the Markdown Linking to organize items across Homechart, such as planning a party or vacation.