Calendar #

Calendar helps you see everything going on in your Household.

Our household uses Calendar for everything. We track all of our household activities in it, and we use the color functionality extensively–my wife migrated from a physical, dry-erase calendar on our fridge to Homechart. Now we almost never forget anything, and it’s easy to see who is taking care of what.

Seeing Calendar come alive in Homechart was really neat. A “calendar app” by itself is rather boring, it’s just events, so I held off on adding Calendar until there was more integration for it. Seeing it now, with all of my events, tasks, and meals in one spot, is exactly the reason I set out to build Homechart in the first place.

Events #

Events are things that are happening within your household.

Participants #

Events can have participants, members of your household that will be at the event. When this is set, only those members will be notified of the Event, and the Event will use the household member’s colors.

Location and Travel #

Adding a Location to the event will give you a handy Google Maps link for directions to the location. You can also add Travel Time for an event to have Homechart calculate a Leave By time and notify you on when you need to leave.

Recurring Events #

Events can be recurring by ticking Recurring at the bottom. You can then set the recurring schedule.

Export/Import Calendars #

Homechart can export your calendar for use with other calendaring applications via ICS/iCalendar Feed. Tap Export Calendar to get a URL that you can add to your calendaring tool.

Likewise, Homechart can import calendars from other applications that expose an ICS/iCalendar Feed. Tap Import Calendars to add them.

Other Calendars #

For your convenience, Homechart comes with a few calendars for common holidays and events. Please contact us if you’d like to see another Calendar added.

Integrations #

Calendar integrates with:

  • Budget: Calendar will display Budget > Recurring Transactions
  • Cook: Calendar will manage your Cook > Meal Plans
  • Health: Calendar will manage your Health > Logs
  • Plan: Calendar will display Plan > Tasks
  • Shop: Calendar can add your Cook > Meal Plan Ingredients to your Shop > Pick Up list