Bookmarks #

Bookmarks help you manage links to other apps and services. You can create personal or household bookmarks, show and hide Bookmarks in the Home and Menu, and control how the Bookmark apps open within Homechart.

Our household uses Bookmarks to share/access links to self-hosted services like Home Assistant.

I added Bookmarks to Homechart to replace a Google Sheet we used for sharing/remembering links.

Use Image for Icon #

You can have an image like a favicon or the logo for the app be displayed instead of an icon for Bookmarks. Tick Use Image as Icon and enter a URL.

Open Bookmark in a New Window #

By default, Homechart will render the Bookmark as an iframe–the Bookmark will be displayed “within” Homechart’s layout. This may not work for all websites due to security measures like CORS. You can disable this feature by ticking Open in New Window while editing or creating a Bookmark.

Show on Home #

Personal and Household Bookmarks can be displayed in the Home and Menu by ticking Show on Home while editing or creating a Bookmark. For Household Bookmarks, ticking this will show the Bookmark for all members of your household.