Using Homechart

Using Homechart #

Homechart is a platform designed for organizing and managing your household data. Homechart does this using Accounts and Households:

  • Accounts are user accounts that access Homechart.
  • Households are are groups of Accounts that share things in Homechart. Accounts can be part of multiple Households.
  • Everything in Homechart is owned by an Account or a Household.

Homechart has Components that are responsible for managing a specific type of data, like Bookmarks, Budget, Calendar, etc. Components within Homechart can be:

  • Hidden, if you’re not planning on using Homechart to manage that data
  • Restricted, if you do not want certain members of your household to manage that data

Some Components only work with Households. See our pricing page for details.