Households #

Using households in Homechart requires a subscription, even for self-hosted users. You can subscribe monthly or yearly , or buy a lifetime subscription/one time purchase, too.

Linking Your Household to Homechart Cloud #

You’ll need to link your self-hosted instance household to a household on Homechart Cloud to use your subscription. No data is transferred to Homechart Cloud, it’s just used to transfer the subscription details.

  • Sign up for a new account on Homechart Cloud
  • On Homechart Cloud, create a household and setup a subscription (either during setup or under
  • On your self-hosted instance, go to Subscription in the menu and copy the Self-Hosted ID
  • On Homechart Cloud, paste the Self-Hosted ID into the appropriate field. Your household should now be linked!

Enable Cloud Features #

You can enable these cloud features for your self-hosted instance:

  • Backups
  • Push Notifications