Binary Install

Binary Install #

Homechart can be deployed as a standalone binary on Linux (amd64 and arm) from our releases website.

1. Review the requirements #

Ensure your system meets the Server Requirements.

2. Download Homechart #

Visit and download the version of Homechart for your platform. Optionally, you can verify your download by comparing the SHA-512 sum:

sha256sum -c homechart_latest_linux_amd64.gz.sha256

Once your download has completed, decompress it:

gzip -d sha256sum -c homechart_latest_linux_arm.gz.sha256

3. Run Homechart #

The Homechart executable can be ran from any directory and stores no files locally. You will need to provide some configuration settings via environment variables or a JSON configuration file, see Configuration Options.

./homechart #

A minimal command line for Homechart:

$ ./homechart -c config.json serve

systemd #

A base homechart.service file:

Description=Homechart - Your Handy Home Assistant

ExecStart=/usr/bin/homechart -c /etc/homechart.json serve