Welcome to the Homechart Docs #

Homechart helps you budget, conquer your todo list, plan meals, manage your recipes, and so much more. Self hosted or in the cloud.

Documentation #

The documentation is organized into different sections:

  • Installing Homechart contains guides on getting Homechart installed on your devices.
  • Using Homechart contains guides on using the individual components within Homechart.
  • Security contains information on how we maintain Homechart in a secure manner.
  • Getting Help has information on where to get help if you’re having problems.
  • Helping Out has ideas on how to make Homechart better for others.

Mike’s Comments #

Hello, I’m Mike, the creator of Homechart. Throughout the docs, you may see blue comments like this, it’s just me talking about how I use Homechart or adding more details about something.

I built Homechart to scratch a need for my household back in 2017–we had too many apps, none of them integrated, and they all had wildly different interfaces. I wanted to build something where I didn’t have to type the same event into multiple places, where I could view everything at once, and where I felt comfortable storing my data.

Homechart is a project I really enjoy working on, and I hope you and your household find it useful. I have big plans for Homechart, and while it may not yet have all the bells and whistles of single purpose apps, I think having all of your data in one spot is huge benefit. I appreciate any feedback you have on the app, the docs, or anything else, your feedback drives me to keep improving Homechart.